LinkedIn article: Battle of the Cryptos

by Bartt Charles Kellermann
Founder, Battle of the Quants | CEO, Global Capital Acquisition | Investment Expert | Quantitative Finance Pioneer

Crypto Investors and Hedge Funds have a lot to discuss with recent market gyrations and announcements from new institutional allocations to custody solutions. Looking forward to an exciting day and meeting some of the most influential movers and shakes in the Cryptosphere!

William Brown Alexei C. Brian Koralewski Mitchell Dong Shane Molidor Robert Savage Ken Lang Edan Yago Khurram Dara John Peurifoy Chris Solarz Adil Abdulali James Sowers Neal Berger Joel Gantcher Kirill Gourov, CFA Stefan Tittel Zura Kakushadze, Ph.D. Constantin Kogan Phil Mochan James Radecki Lars Soderberg James Andrew Cristina Dolan Carlos Domingo Philipp Pieper Donna Redel John D’Agostino Tom Bollich Renato Dimarzio Frances Newton Stacy Kenneth S. Goodman Arianna Simpson
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