A center for research and learning

The Academy is a central component of Strategic 50’s platform.

Members of StrategicTalent receive hands-on training to transform their broad knowledge base and expertise into consulting and coaching prowess that is client-centric, collaborative and consensus building. The Academy is also an opportunity for networking and sharing knowledge . It provides an environment that encourages the organic formation of collaborative teams by fostering relationships among individuals with complementary skills.

The Academy offers a variety of classes for enhancing skills and building productivity throughout the career continuum. Topics range from entrepreneurship to governance in both the public and private sectors as well as specific advice to women who are seeking board credentials and opportunities for the next level of their career. The Academy also operates as a public resource for research and learning. It offers seminars as well as a broad range of courses and advisory services to our Clients and the general public. All courses are developed and taught by experts in their respective fields.