transferring knowledge through coaching

A key offering of Strategic 50 is organizational group and one-on-one coaching. We provide access to women who were in line positions and have practical, valuable expertise. The objective is to help create career pathways that result in an increase of women in line positions and top management. We have the experts to make this a reality.

We are valuable coaches for executives. They receive wise counsel from an experienced peer. Strategic 50 creates opportunities for executives to achieve more, to improve results, leadership and decision making. Via expert speaker workshops or one-on-one sessions, we channel our valuable experience into tangible coaching. We can solve the issues that keep CEOs up at night.

Strategic 50 partners with global corporations with a service we call StrategicTransition, which offers Human Resource departments two significant benefits:

  • HR departments can establish a three-part process of attracting, retaining and transitioning talent to the next phase of their careers, guiding senior-level professionals into consulting careers, board positions, entrepreneurial and other pathways.

    StrategicTransition has the potential to add a vital third component to Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives. It can also help distinguish a corporation’s commitment to diversity, while creating a network of alumni that will ultimately enhance its reputation.

  • An innovative spin on outplacement and coaching services that is more efficient and cost effective than traditional approaches.

    Participants gain exclusive access to the Strategic 50’s Academy, our StrategicTalent and premiere coaching and networking opportunities. With our expertise in preparing top-level women for roles beyond the traditional workplace, we go well beyond the services offered by conventional outplacement firms.

StrategicTransition is an efficient and cost effective enhancement to standard outplacement services. A vital continuum, StrategicTransition provides women with a clear roadmap to the next level of their careers and offers companies a visible and effective avenue to further their commitment to diversity and corporate social responsibility.