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July 2014 : Strategic50 July 2014 Newsletter

First Quarter 2013 : Quantitative survey results to be released, analyzed and discussed. Stay tuned!

December 2012 : Kantar Media, MillwardBrown and Strategic 50 form a partnership to operate an innovative survey on Transitions from the Workplace, detailing the views and experiences of senior professionals (aged 45 and up) throughout their careers. Results aim to focus on and establish mentoring, networking and educating services for these professionals.

November 2012 : CEO Donna Redel speaks at the American Chamber of Commerce on current issues and trends impacting women in the workplace and boardroom. Additionally participated in a conference co-sponsored by the Aspen Institute and Partners of New Beginnings to mentor startups that are sponsored by the top incubators along with the kingdom.

October 2012 : Strategic50 shares qualitative results of an introductory survey on Transitions from the Workplace.